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In 2018-2019, the center has published 74 journal papers, including 58 SCI/SSCI journal papers and 10 TSSCI journal papers. The number of citation from past ten years has 7260 times.

We use Electronic Commerce Research and Applications (ECRA) and International Journal of Electronic Commerce (IJEC) as our benchmark for comparing the productivity of e-commerce research centers. IECRC is ranked third worldwide based on the total number of papers published in these two journals from 2014-2019.

The detailed list of journal publication in 2018 is outlined in the following table:

AuthorsTitle of articleTitle of PeriodicalYearVolumeIssuePage Number
Huang, Chiao Ling; Yang, Shu Ching; Hsieh, Lu Sheng The cyberbullying behavior of Taiwanese adolescents in an online gaming environment.Children and Youth Services Review2019106
Luo, Yi Fang; Yang, Shu Ching; Gong, Rueywei; Lu, Chia-MeiLearning performance of university students from the perspective of positive?psychologySocial Behavior and Personality: An international journal2019473
Kuo, Fu Wen; Yang, Shu ChingIn-group comparison is painful but meaningful: The moderator of classroom ethnic composition and the mediators of self-esteem and school belonging for upward comparisonsThe Journal of Social Psychology20191595531-545
Chung, Ting-Ting(Rachel); Liang, Ting-Peng; Peng, Chih-Hung; Chen, Deng-Neng; Sharma, Pratyush NidhiKnowledge Creation and Organizational Performance: Moderating and Mediating Processes from an Organizational Agility PerspectiveAIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction201911279-106
Ye, Bo Kai; Tu, Yu Ju; Liang, Ting-PengA Hybrid System For Personalized Content RecommendationJournal of Electronic Commerce Research201920291-104
Liang, Ting-Peng; Wu, Shelly Ping-Ju; Huang, Chih-chiWhy funders invest in crowdfunding projects: Role of trust from the dual-process perspectiveInformation & Management201956170-84
Tseng,Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-I; Lin, Chih-WenProvably Secure Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption from Identity-Based EncryptionJournal of Universal Computer Science2019253182-202
Fan,Chun-I; Tseng, Yi-Fan; Lin, Yi-Hui; Zhang, FangguoStorage-Saving Bi-Dimensional Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation in Smart GridsJournal of Internet Technology2019203955-962
Tseng,Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-I; Chen, Ching-WenTop-Level Secure Certificateless Signature Scheme in the Standard ModelIEEE Systems Journal20191332763-2774
Tseng,Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-I; Wu, Si-Jing; Kuo, Hsin-Nan; Huang, Jheng-JiaCryptanalysis and Improvement on Wang et al.s Attribute-Based Searchable Encryption SchemeInternational Journal of Machine Learning and Computing201995636-643
Fan, Chun-I; Huang, Jheng-Jia; Zhong, Min-Zhe; Hsu, Ruei-Hau; Chen, Wen-Tsuen; Lee, JeminReHand: Secure Region-Based Fast Handover with User Anonymity for Small Cell Networks in Mobile CommunicationsIEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security2019151927-942
You, Ying-Jie; Wu, Chen-Yu; Lee, Shie-Jue; Liu, Ching-KuanIntelligent Neural Network Schemes for Multi-Class ClassificationApplied Sciences2019919
Yu, Hong-Ren; Tsai, Jui-Hsiu; Lin, Chun-Hung Richard; Wang, Jiu-Yao; Wen, Yen-Hsia; Wu, Shihn-Sheng; Hou, Yuan; Lee, Ing-Kit; Tu, Hung-Pin; Lee, Yi-ChenIs asthma a protective factor for dengue fever? In vitro experiment and nationwide population-based cohort analysisAllergology International2019684486-493
Wu, Ching-Ying; Yu, Hsin-Su; Chai, Chee-Yin; Wen, Yen-Hsia; Wu, Shihn-Sheng; Chang, Yang-Pei; Lin, Chun-Hung Richard; Tsai, Jui-HsiuIncreased ischemic stroke risk in patients with Behcets disease: A nationwide population-based cohort studyPLOS ONE2019146
Liu, Jain-Shing; Lin, Chun-Hung; Huang, Heng-ChihJoint congestion control and resource allocation for energy-efficient transmission in 5G heterogeneous networksEURASIP Journal onWireless Communications and Networking2019227
Liu, Hsin-Hsien; Chou, Hsuan-YiThe impact of different product formats on inaction inertiaThe Journal of Social Psychology20191595546-560
Chou, Hsuan-YiLabeling candidates as underdogs in political communications: The moderation of candidate-related factorsElectoral Studies201959120-135
Chou, Hsuan-YiUnits of time do matter: How countdown time units affect consumers intentions to participate in group-buying offersElectronic Commerce Research and Applications201935
Liu, Hsin-Hsien; Chou, Hsuan-YiThe effects of promotional package frames and price strategies on inaction inertiaPsychology & Marketing2019363214-228
Wang, Shaojung Sharon; Chou, Hsuan?YiEffects of game?product congruity on in?app interstitial advertising and the moderation of media?context factors.Psychology & Marketing2019363229-246
Chiu, Yu-Chia; Chou, Hsuan-YiEat Hard not Soft Food: Effects of the Description of Oral Haptics on Calorie EstimationJournal of Management and Business Research201936153-82
Tsao, Chiung-Wen; Wang, Yi-Hsan; Chen, Shyh-jer; Wang, Miao-JuOrangizatonal antededents of firms adoption of strategic human resource practices: Toward a reconciliation of CEO perceptions and family influenceGerman Journal of Human Resource Management2019333223-248
Tan, Yue; Shaw, PingAgenda-Setting Effect of Online Disaster Communication: Interactions through Facebook Posts and Comments during the Kaohsiung Gas ExplosionsMass Communication Research2019138165-225
Tan, YueUses, Factors and Outcomes of Facebook Campaigns in the 2016 Legislative Election in TaiwanChinese Journal of Communication Research20193681-115
Chiu, Chao-Min; Huang, Hsin-Yi; Cheng, Hsiang-Lan; Hsu, Jack Shih-ChiehDriving Individuals Citizenship Behaviors in Virtual Communities Through AttachmentInternet Research2019294870-899
Chiu, Chao-Min; Fu, Chia-Yun; Lin, Wei-Yu; Chen, Chieh-FanThe central roles of embeddedness and engagement in virtual communitiesOnline Information Review?2019434531-550
Cheng, An-ShouMedia Representation of Nuclear Debate in Taiwan after the Fukushima EventWenti Yu Yanjiu201958229-89
Ishita, Emi; Fukuda, Satoshi; Oga, Toru; Oard, Douglas W.; Fleischmann, Kenneth R.; Tomiura, Yoichi; Cheng, An-ShouToward three-stage automation of annotation for human valuesLecture Notes in Computer Science201911420188-199
Hsia, Tzyh-Lih; Chiang, An-Jen; Wu, Jen-Her; Teng, Nelson N.H.; Rubin, Amir DanWhat Drives E-health Usage? An Integrated Institutional Forces and Top Management PerspectivesComputers in Human Behavior201997260-270
Lin, Hsien-Ming; Liao, Da-ChiThe Social Network Sites usage experiences and Social Capital: A preliminary study of Taiwanese immigrants in BelgiumJournal of Cyber Culture and Information Society20193749-86
Liu, Yining; Guo, Wei; Fan, Chun-I; Chang, Liang; Cheng, ChiA Practical Privacy-Preserving Data Aggregation (3PDA) Scheme for Smart GridIEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics20191531767-1774
Tseng, Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun- I; Wu, Chin-YuFGAC-NDN: Fine-Grained Access Control for Named Data NetworksIEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management2019161143-152
Tseng, Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-I; Sung, Cheng-WeiOn the Anonymity of Multi-Receiver Identity-Based Encryption Based on FujisakiVOkamoto TransformationInternational Journal of Foundations of Computer Science2019304493-509
Yang, Shu Ching; Luo, Yi Fang; Chiang, Chia-HsunElectronic Health Literacy and Dietary Behaviors in Taiwanese College Students: Cross-Sectional StudyJOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH20192111
Wang, Zhao-Yu; Wu, Chen-Yu; Lin, Yan-Ting; Lee, Shie-JueWeighted z-Distance Based Clustering and its Application to Time Series DataApplied Sciences2019924
Chen, Yueh-Ching; Liao, Da-ChiSpeaker's Neutrality Is Impossible under Semi-Presidentialism: A Case Study of the Performance of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan Speaker Following the Sunflower MovementJournal of National Development Studies201918345-97
Tan, Wee-Kheng;?Lu, Kuan-JuSmartphone use at tourist destinations: Interaction with social loneliness, aesthetic scope, leisure boredom, and trip satisfactionTELEMATICS AND INFORMATICS20193964-74
Tan, Wee-Kheng;?Lee, Bo-YuanInvestigation of electronic-word-of-mouth on online social networking sites written by authors with commercial interestONLINE INFORMATION REVIEW?2019433462-480
Grover, Varun; Chiang, Roger H.L.; Liang, Ting-Peng; Zhang, DongsongCreating Strategic Business Value from Big Data Analytics: A Research FrameworkJournal of Management Information Systems2018352388-423
Zhu, Wenjun; Tan, Ken Seng; Porth, Lysa; Wang, Chou?Wen Spatial Dependence And Aggregation In Weather Risk Hedging: A L?vy Subordinated Hierarchical Archimedean Copulas (Lshac) ApproachASTIN Bulletin: The Journal of the IAA2018482779-815
Chiu, Chao-Min; Hsu, Jack Shih-Chieh; Lowry, Paul Benjamin; Liang, Ting-Peng Solving the Interpretational-Confounding and Interpretational-Ambiguity Problems of Formative Construct Modeling in Behavioral Research: Proposing a Two-Stage Fixed-Weight Redundancy ApproachJournal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS)?2018197618-671
Liang, Ting-Peng; Lai, Chia-Yin; Hsu, Peng-Hsiang; Chiu, Chao-Min; and Hsieh, Chang-TsehFactors Affecting Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty to Smartphone Systems: A Perceived Benefits PerspectiveA International Journal of Mobile Communications?2018165513-534
Lai, Chia-Yu; Hsu, Jack Shih-Chieh; Li, YuzhuLeadership, regulatory focus and information systems development project team performanceInternational Journal of Project Management2018363566-582
Wang, Shih-Yu; Hsu, Jack Shih-Chieh; Li, Yuzhu; Lin, Tung-ChingPromoting uncommon use of knowledge in information system departments: The role of human resource management practicesInformation Technology & People20183151008-1034
Altawalbeh, Shoroq M.; Thorpe, Carolyn T.; Zgibor, Janice C.; Kane-Gill, Sandra; Kang, Yihuang; Thorpe, Joshua M.Economic Burden Associated with Receiving Inhaled Corticosteroids with Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists or Long-Acting Beta Agonists as Combination Therapy in Older AdultsJournal of managed care & specialty pharmacy2018245478-486
Huang, Guei-Hua; Korfiatisa, Nikolaos; Chang, Chun-TuanMobile Shopping Cart Abandonment: The Roles of Conflicts, Ambivalence and HesitationJournal of Business Research2018854165-174
Hung, I-Chun; Kinshuk; Chen, Nian-ShingEmbodied interactive video lectures for improving learning comprehension and retentionComputers & Education2018117116-131
Liang, Ting-Peng; Liu, Yu-HsiResearch Landscape of Business Intelligence and Big Data analytics: A bibliometrics studyExpert Systems with Applications2018111302뱰?
Ku, Yi-Cheng; Liu, Chih-Chung; Liang, Ting-PengAcademic Perceptions of Electronic Commerce JournalsJournal of Electronic Commerce Research20181911뱵?
Wang, Shaojung Sharon; Lin, Yu-Ching; Liang, Ting-PengPosts that attract millions of fans: The effect of brand-post congruence.?Electronic Commerce Research and Applications20182873-85
Wang, Cheng-Ru; Xu, Rong-Fang; Lee, Shie-Jue; Lee, Chie-HongNetwork Intrusion Detection Using Equality Constrained-Optimization-Based Extreme Learning MachinesKnowledge-Based Systems201814768-80
Liao, Chih-Lun; Lee, Shie-Jue; Chiou, Yu-Shu; Lee, Ching-Ran; Lee, Chie-HongPower Consumption Minimization by Distributive Particle Swarm Optimization for Luminance Control and its Parallel ImplementationsExpert Systems with Applications201896479-491
Liu, Hsin-Hsien; Chou, Hsuan-YiPromotional formats and inaction inertiaJournal of Economic Psychology20186622-32
Chou, Hsuan-Yi; Su, juiLuxury Represents My Love! The Influence of Mens Mate-Guarding Motive on Purchasing Luxury ProductsJournal of Management and Business Research201835127-56
Chou, Hsuan-Yi; Yeh, Min-HungMinor Language Variations in Campaign Advertisement: The Effects of Pronoun Use and Message Orientation on Voter ResponsesElectoral Studies20185158-71
Liu, Hsin-Hsien; Chou, Hsuan-YiCurrency Face Values and Upgrade IntentionsManagement Review20183711뱴?
Lin, Tung-Ching; Huang, Shiu-Li; Chiang, Shun-ChiUser Resistance to the Implementation of Information Systems: A Psychological Contract Breach PerspectiveJournal of the Association for Information Systems2018194306-332
Huang, Jheng-Jia; Fan, Chun-I; Chen, Wen-TsuenLocal Authentication and Access Control Scheme in M2M Communications with Computation OffloadingIEEE Internet of Things Journal2018543209-3219
Fan, Chun-I; Chen, I-Te; Cheng, Chen-Kai; Huang, Jheng-Jia; Chen, Wen-TsuenFTP-NDN: File Transfer Protocol Based on Re-Encryption for Named Data Network Supporting Non-Designated ReceiversIEEE Systems Journal2018121473-484
Tseng, Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-IProvably CCA-Secure Anonymous Multi-Receiver Certificateless Authenticated EncryptionJournal of Information Science and Engineering20183461517-1541
Tseng, Yi-Fan; Fan, Chun-I; Cho, Yan-FuAn authenticated re-encryption scheme for secure file transfer in named data networksInternational Journal of Communication Systems20183111e3571
Chuang, Yu-Lun; Fan, Chun-I; Tseng, Yi-FanAn Efficient Algorithm for the Shortest Vector ProblemIEEE ACCESS2018661478-61487
Tseng, Yi-Fan; Yang, Qi-Liang; Fan, Chun-IA Lattice-Based Group Authentication SchemeApplied Sciences201886987
Lee, Yu-Kang; Chang, Chun-Tuan; Cheng, Zhao-HongRight Metaphor, Right Place: Choosing a Visual Metaphor Based on Product Type and Consumer DifferencesInternational Journal of Advertising2018372309-226
Tsao, Chiung-Wen; Wang, Miao-ju; Lu, Chia-Mei; Chen, Shyh-jeInternationalization propensity in family-controlled public firms in emerging markets: The effects of family ownership, governance, and top managementJournal of Small Business Strategy,201828128-37
Chen, Shyh-Jer; Wang, Miao-Ju; Lee Shih-HanMeaningful matters, transformational leadership and voice behaviors: The mediating effect of employee perceived meaningful workPersonnel Review2018473694-708
Chen, Shu-Yuan; Chuang, Chih-Hsun; Chen, Shyh-JerA conceptual review of human resource management research and practices in Taiwan with comparison to other economies in Asia.Asia Pacific Journal of Management2018351213-239
Luo, Yi-Fang; Yang, Shu Ching; Chen, An-Sing; Chiang, Chia-HsunAssociations of ehealth literacy with health services utilization among college students: A cross-sectional study.Journal of Medical Internet Research20182010e283
Hwang, Wu-Yuin; Chen, Hong-Ren; Chen, Nian-Shing; Lin, Li-Kai; Chen, Jin-WenLearning Behavior Analysis of a Ubiquitous Situated Reflective Learning System with Application to Life Science and Technology TeachingEducational Technology & Society2018212137-149
Luo, Yi-Fang; Yang, Shu-Ching; Chiang, Chia-Hsun; Lu, Chia-MeiDevelopment and validation of a food literacy self-report inventory and investigation of the relationships between food literacy and dietary behavior among college studentsTaiwan Journal of Public Health2018374407-419
Liao, Da-chiHow Can Citizens Be Informed? Examining the Democratic Practices of iVoterTaiwan Democracy Quarterly2018151121-128
Fan, Chun-I; Huang, Jheng-Jia; Tseng, Yi-Fan; Kikuchi, HiroakiProbably Secure Efficient Anonymous Credential SchemeInternational Journal of Software Innovation20186318-35
Liao, Da-chi; Lin, Jiun-chi; Jensen, Michael J.Is the Age of Party Democracy Over or Are Parties Entering a New Renaissance?International Journal of Political Science20184215-26
Liao, Da-Chi; Liu, Cheng-Shan; Chen, Bo-YuTaiwanese Nationalism in the Age of Cross-Strait Integration: Predominance and PragmatismReview of Social Sciences201812163-107

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