Sprout Projects (2018 – )

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The three main research foci are smart technology, business model, and sustainable development. Each focus comprises two levels. Explanation as follow:

Explanation as follow:

  • Research Focus 1 – Smart technology: (1) At the innovation level, the research topics include lifelong deep learning, AI security testing platform, interactive visualization technology, and social media popularity prediction model. (2) At the application level, the research topics include NFT-oriented secure electronic transactions, trust mechanisms of smart contracts, and smart technology platforms.
  • Research Focus 2 – Business model: (1) At the operational level, the research topics include time-based technology application, supply chain and smart finance, smart life insurance, and smart insurance. (2) At the consumer level, the research topics include the consequences of smart customer service, NFT and AI-driven marketing changes, smart chatbot design, and NFT trading behavior.
  • Research Focus 3 – Sustainable development: (1) At the human-centered level, the research topics include extent of AI maturity in enterprises, AI education-job mismatch, job insecurity caused by AI, and issues resulting from AI application in elderly healthcare. (2) At the balance level, the research topics include metaverse virtual learning, opportunities and constraints in online learning, and sustainable entrepreneurship.