Sprout Projects (2018 – )

Content :

The center will focus its research into three parts, Intelligent Technology, Innovative Business Model, and Analysis of Consumer Behavior.

Explanation as follow:

  1. Intelligent Technology : The development of intelligent technology can be applied to e-commerce. Research topics include Internet of Things and big data analysis, machine learning and deep learning, smart robot, blockchain and virtual reality.
  2. Innovative Business Model : In order to play a role, intelligent technology must be integrated into the business model of the company and become part of its core competitiveness. In the past two years, there have been some technology-led innovative business models. The center will focus on the above intelligent technology to innovate the value of business models. Research topics include smart store business model, software robot mode, smart channel management and so on.
  3. Analysis of Consumer Behavior : If consumers are willing to pay, technology and business models will work. Therefore, the studies of consumer behavior and marketing are also important in intelligent commerce. Research topics include the analysis of consumer demand, technology acceptance for intelligent technology, the effect of intelligent technology and so on.