Industry-University Collaboration Projects

◎ Dingyan Food Co., Ltd. e-commerce website construction and marketing

Ding Yan is a wholesaler and retailer of food raw materials. Food raw materials are traditionally purchased in vegetable markets, supermarkets, and food material stores, and are rarely purchased online. Therefore, the food wholesale industry is often highly regional and difficult to expand to other counties and cities. It is hoped that through e-commerce website design, the big data accurate marketing and e-commerce characteristics will be used, and packaging design will be combined with online marketing promotion to help the traditional food wholesale industry expand its business area and expand the new blue ocean market of young groups, thereby increasing sales, the following is the content of the project.

Establishing an e-commerce platform to use the latest information technology and online marketing, which can integrate different customer needs.

Using data analysis to understand customer needs and predict the products that customers may want to purchase, and then introduce new product combinations to customers. Planning to use online marketing such as search marketing, community marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and content marketing, with creative presentation methods such as live broadcast, online celebrity experience, food package and other marketing techniques to attract young people to buy and conduct trial marketing.

◎ Planning and construction of cross-border e-commerce of Mengji hand tools

The motivation of the project is the cooperation between the two parties to plan Hammers’ to conduct e-commerce promotion market analysis and business model planning in the international market, so that they can establish brands in the North American market and promote e-commerce business. The following is content of the work.

Analyzing and understanding the status of the hammer consumer market in North America, include the brand and competition status of the entire market, and consumer behavior analysis.

Collecting and analyzing consumer word-of-mouth of e-commerce websites related to hammer sales to find the positioning and competition of different brands.

Planning the mode in hammer products is putting on Husky Online and Amazon. Putting forward proposals for innovative brand positioning, value proposition, and innovative business models.

◎ Smart Urban and Rural Life Application Subsidy Program

This project will use Artificial Intelligence technology to achieve the following goals through the technology of big data analysis:

  1. Grasping the social welfare related matters that people care about, for reference of policy making.
  2. Design active recommendation mechanism and personalized service technology to improve people’s understanding of government’s social welfare measures and establish a platform for government welfare.

Through the implementation of this plan, the welfare platform will be able to recommend welfare application information that meets the needs of the people and improve the satisfaction of the people. At the same time, we will also collect and organize the opinions of the people on the social platform of the government’s social welfare measures, and summarize as a reference for government. The recommendation mechanism can divide people into groups based on demographic variables to compare or track how the voices and sentiments of various ethnic groups on various government welfare measures change over time, and infer how major social, political, and economic events affect people’s cognition of welfare measures.