Industrial Collaboration

IECRC has signed 24 Industry-university collaboration projects in 2017-2020. The detailed list is as follows:

Case NameFunding UnitExecute Period
Development of Path Sensitization Based Testing System for Digital Electronic CircuitsChian-Tong Electronic Company2019/11~2020/10
The study of Artificial Intelligent IoT for embedded edge computingHIDES INC.2019/11~2020/10
Empowering People: an Innovative Flexible Talent Matching PlatformSeek and Find Limited Company2019/11~2020/10
LoRa LPWAN, Bluetooth and COFDM/DVB network integration and application system design and developmentHIDES INC.2019/10~2021/04
Voice-print Recognition: Speaker Verification and Speaker IdentificationChunghwa Telecom2019/07~2020/07
Industry-University Program- Investigation on Business Opportunity Cooperation Between Financial Technology and Financial Innovation Industry Southern TaiwanThe Industrial Technology Research Institute2019/07~2019/12
The Analysis of Crawled Data from EC platform in ThailandPC Home2019/07~2019/12
Food Sales Analysis on Domestic Electronic Commerce MarketFFCC Inc.2019/07~2019/12
Implementation of mobile multimedia IoTMetal Industries Research & Development Center2019/06~2019/11
COFDM/DVB network integration and performance optimization, and VoIP/SIP application design and developmentHIDES INC.2019/01~2020/06
Development of an AI-Based Digital Circuit Verification and Diagnosis SystemChian-Tong Electronic Company2018/11~2019/10
Long-range wireless adaptive mobile multimedia networksHIDES INC.2018/11~2019/10
UMC Unified Analytics PlatformUnited Microelectronics Corporation2018/07~2019/12
Intelligent Job Interview System Based on Fusion of Facial and Speech Emotion Recognition with Deep Machine LearningAdvanced Semiconductor Engineering2018/09~2019/08
The Analysis of Science LiteratureiGroup Taiwan2018/09~2018/12
UMC Unified Analytics PlatformUnited Microelectronics Corporation2018/07~2019/12
Planning and construction of cross-border e-commerce of Mengji hand toolsEasy Strike Co., Ltd.2018/07~2019/11
Smart Urban and Rural Life Application Subsidy ProgramHAMASTAR Technology Co., Ltd.2018/07~2019/06
Opinion Analysis on Overseas Taiwan Tea SalesWORLDiBUY Co. LTD2018/07~2019/03
Dingyan Food Co., Ltd. e-commerce website construction and marketingDingyan Food Co., Ltd.2018/06~2019/05
Financial Information Service Industry-Academia Cooperation ProjectThiz TECHNOLOGY GROUP Limited. Taiwan Branch2018/04~2021/03
Enhancing patients' perception on healthcare service and hospital value with e-marketing: planning and implementationE-DA Hospital2018/03~2019/02
Industry-University Program- Southern Taiwan Interdisciplinary Center Industry Advanced Research ProjectThe Industrial Technology Research Institute2018/03~2018/12
Financial Information Service Industry-Academia Cooperation Project with Pattern Recognition of Stock Technical AnalysisAntay Securities2017/08~2018/07
Establishing Information Security Detection Environment for Base Station (Phase II)Telecom Technology Center2017/05~2018/10