2011-2013 Project Plan

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  • Electronic Commerce and Internet Society Research Center 2011-2013 Triennial Project Plan

The ECIS project will be based on the current research on E-commerce and Internet Innovation, and will further strengthen our research to explore the impact of the Internet and information technology on contemporary economy, society and culture. The entire project includes two main parts, academic research and knowledge dissemination. The academic research will include four subprojects: E-commerceE-societyE-culture, and Web-technology, as illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Subproject 1: E-commerce

E-commerce involves the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in commercial environment. Since 1991, E-commerce has become an important trading mechanism, and the number of relevant studies has increased substantially. This subproject will extend topics associated with the previous e-commerce and technology innovation project to enhance influence. Ting-Peng Liang is the principal investigator of this subproject, and research topics include: Performance Analysis, E-commerce Business Models, and Service Innovation.

Subproject 2: E-Society

The widespread use of the Internet has created many new societal issues. Many changes have occurred in learning, human relations, moral and ethics, and government. This project will be led by professor Da-Chi Liao and focus on the following areas: E-government and e-governance, E-learning, and Internet and social value.

Subproject 3: E-Culture

The Internet has created not only a major challenge but also a vast opportunity for cultural and creative industries, including digital repository of literature and art objects, digital platforms for arts, and examination of digital arts. The project is led by Dean Mei-Wen Lee and Shuen-Shing Lee from National Chung Hsing University to include the following three major modules: The characteristics of ‘cyberspace’, The influence of hypertext, and Examination of literature and artwork in the digital era.

Subproject 4: Web technology

Internet technology is the main driving force behind the development of E-commerce and Internet society. Hence, a few essential technical topics are also included in this project. This subproject is led by Prof. Shie-Jue Lee from Dept. of Electronic Engineering to cover the following three topics: E-commerce security, Social network construction, Social characteristics and behavior analysis, and Collection and recommendation of Internet society and e-cultural information.

Subproject 5. Digital platform construction and promotion

This project intends to develop three main digital platforms for the following missions:

  1. Data Collection: This project needs to collect a large volume of data. The platforms provide a useful vehicle for public participation and collection of first-hand research data.
  2. Promotion of research outcomes: The platforms allow the industrial; artists and general public can interact and be involved in the progress of the project. It includes platform construction and industrial promotion.

This project creates three digital platforms, and they are Digital platform for literature and art learning, Digital platform for E-commerce, and Digital platform for E-governance. The above three platforms are both experimental tools for the project and media for promoting our research.