2006-2010 Project Plan

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  • Electronic Commerce and Internet Society Research Center 2006-2010 Project Plan

The ECRC will focus its research into three parts, mobile commerceinnovative technology, and e-life applications, Explanation as follow:

Innovative Technology and Application of Mobile Commerce Economic Policy Innovation Theory and Model Analysis

With the popularity of mobile phones, PDA, GPS and RFID and other wireless mobile business devices, innovative applications in this sector has a potential for development. Research will focus on the opportunities in which personalized service of E-commerce and mobile commerce will bring. This project will be chaired by Professor Ting-Peng Liang, together with Professor San-Yih Hwang, Chin-fu Ho and others, who both joined in 2006, as well as Professor Bing-Chang Jeng and Lee Wei-Po who entered the project in 2007.

Economic Policy Innovation Theory and Model Analysis

This project is chaired by the Professor Steven Tsai, with the main objective of exploring the relation between new theories, and the businesses mode of operation on the impact of its management performances and success factors. Prof. Ying-Yao Cheng and Prof. I-Heng Chen both participate in the project.

Development and Social Influence of E-Life Innovation

The discussion of information and network technology used in government, communication, medical and other areas of innovation and development, with its implications for the future of society. Professors Hsien-Tang Tsai and Feng-Yang Kuo co-chairs the project, with Jen-her Wu, Hsiang-chu Lai, Bin-yu Zhu, Ya-Ching Lee, Hsin-hui Lin and other professors participating in the project.