Electronic commerce research at National Sun Yat-Sen University began in 1999. The Electronic Commerce Research Center (ECRC) was established from the Ministry of Education’s “Program for Promoting Academic Excellence of Universities.” With new funding resources from the Ministry of Education’s “Aim for Top University Plan Project” and “Higher Education Sprout Project,” ECRC has become an international-level Sustainable Intelligent Electronic Commerce Research Center (SIECRC).

   The core of the research team comes from the College of Management. With the integration of top domestic research members, it forms a strong research team consisting of more than 20 senior and young professors. Through collaboration with other international research centers and scholars, the center’s e-commerce papers’ ranking is among the top five in the world.


   In the future, the development of e-commerce will enter a new era of smart application. Therefore, the main goal of the center is to continue improving on past research performance, while enhancing the present and future quality of the center’s e-commerce papers. The center aims to develop young scholars in Taiwan to take advantage of the superior achievements in the field of e-commerce.  Our goal is to help facilitate e-commerce industry growth to become one of the most influential research teams in the world.