2018.11.20 Smart E-Commerce Legal Forum ended successfully

We invited many industry and academia people in “Smart E-Commerce Law Forum”  to discuss the direction of its continuous evolution in the legal industry under the continuous innovation of network technology, and how e-commerce companies should use the law to protect their rights and interests from being infringed, how should the “technical neutrality principle” that has been included in the e-commerce legislation in the past take into account the responsibilities of platform vendors.

The guests who gave a special speech on the day included Jan Law, a senior lawyer of the law firm, Zhou Yibin, director of the law firm, and Zhao Xiaoyang, co-founder of the law cicada from Chengdu, Sichuan.

We hope that by inviting legal professionals from both sides of the strait, you can let everyone know more about the current e-commerce regulations and technical conditions in China, and also provide some lessons and references for Taiwanese companies.

Author: 網站管理員